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Chapin Park (Pine Meadow Green)

Chapin Park located within the New Hartford Local Historic District, is a flat triangular wedge of land at the intersection of Route 44 and Church Street. Both streets are two lanes wide and no curb separates the street from the park. The southern boundary is formed by a blacktop parking lot for the hardware store and post office located just to the south, and a low fence created by horizontal concrete poles in low cradles and a row of shrubs.

It is shaded by seemingly randomly placed maple, oak and ash trees and furnished with several benches and wooden picnic tables. An oval sign hanging from a wood post along Route 44 identifies the area as part of a local historic district. A little further north is the State of Connecticut town sign for New Hartford. The focal point of the green is probably a large tablet-shaped monument listing the names of all the New Hartford men and women who served in World War II located at the intersection of the two streets. To the south of it is a flag pole. At the east end of the park, about in the center, a perennial bed has been planted within what appears to be a large basin of what was once a fountain. Rhododendrons have been planted in the center of the bed.

Primarily residential properties moderately spaced around the triangle provide the backdrop for Chapin Park. The exceptions are a church, a cemetery, and the post office. St. John's Episcopal Church was constructed in 1861 by the Chapin family on land donated by them. The Pine Meadow Cemetery on the other side of the green predates the church, the oldest stone dating to 1813. The houses on either side of the church are large Victorian mansions built for members of the Chapin family. (Housing built by the family for the workers in their Mills are located on Route 44 east of the Park.) The other houses around the green date between 1820 and 1908. On Route 44 on the southeast corner abutting the green is a recently constructed hardware store. Its products are stacked next to the green and is visually intrusive.

Chapin Park serves a commemorative function for the town and is the site of July Fourth, Memorial Day and Christmas events.

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