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Be it a tree-shaded park, a busy city square or a quiet churchyard, the town green is a familiar New England icon and a cherished tradition that does more to embody Connecticut's strong self sense of history and civic pride than any other feature of the landscape.

Events on Town Greens

Connecticut's beautiful, historic Town Greens are the location for a wide variety of events throughout the year. To learn more about events on or around town greens go to
Want to Research your own Green?

For each green in the Data Center you can go to the Documents tab to learn more about how to research your town green. Receives Awards

The Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation is pleased to announce that has received two awards: The Connecticut Humanities Council's Wilbur Cross Award for outstanding use of technology and the Connecticut League of History Organization's Award of Merit for developing a data-based history website which acts as an archive on Connecticut's town greens and for greatly adding to the understanding of Connecticut local and state history.
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