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Millington Green

The Millington Green is a small (more or less 10,000 square feet) triangular greensward. Near the center is a flagpole, bench, and perennial flower garden. Landscaping is sparse, befitting a historic green, and includes several taxus shrubs, a Japanese maple tree, and a sapling that was propagated from the "Great White Oak," a much loved Middletown tree that was brought down by Hurricane Gloria in 1985. A curb surrounds the green along Millington and Haywardville roads.

Facing the green across Millington Road is the Daniel Bulkley House, built in 1792. The center chimney, gambrel-roofed Colonial house is in excellent condition. To the north of the Bulkley House is the 10th District Schoolhouse. This 1854 structure replaced an earlier schoolhouse that stood on the south side of the green. The small, red, front-gabled schoolhouse has separate entrances for boys and girls. Facing the green across Tater Hill Road to the west stands the Millington Green Parsonage. The Greek Revival residence was built in 1854 and features a pedimented front gable and a heavy cornice above the door. South of the parsonage is the Julius Schwab House. This house, built in 1952, incorporates a schoolhouse from 1756. South of the green, across the Tater Hill Road extension, stands the Ebenezer Dutton house. Constructed in 1766, the house features a central chimney.

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