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Moodus Green

The Moodus Green is a small, .2 acre, triangular-shaped, mostly grassy area in Moodus Center. It is bounded by Town Street (Route 151) on the east; Plains Road on the west and Falls Road (Route 149) on the north. It is mostly flat but drops sharply about six to eight feet at the northern edge along Plains Road where a stone retaining wall with a metal fence has been placed. Near the center of the green, running from east to west, is a paved path. It is shaded by a few deciduous trees including maples and oaks and one blue spruce. Near the center to the north of the path is the Civil War monument with a bronze plaque at its base. On the other side of the path in line with the Civil War monument is a World War I memorial which consists of a bronze plaque mounted on a granite base. A temporary Persian Gulf "honor roll" (names on a wooden sign) is at the northern edge of the green facing Falls Road. The green serves as public open space and a memorial site where the Memorial Day Parade pauses.

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