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The Burlington Green

The Burlington Green is a small triangular slice of land wedged between Route 4 and the George Washington Turnpike just east of where these two roads meet. On the east it is bounded by Savarese Lane. Crossing over the highway to the green can be treacherous as the traffic on Route 4 and leaving Route 4 on the George Washington Turnpike is heavy and fast. There is no parking adjacent to the green so the only safe way to reach it is from the bank at the east end of the green across Savarese Lane.

The green is sparsely planted with trees and furnished with a flagpole, two concrete benches and two war memorials, one commemorating World War One and the other -- situated near the center -- remembering World War Two, Korea and Vietnam. Not too far from the intersection is an asphalt path cutting across the green.

The buildings around it date primarily from the 19th century and are both commercial and residential. The church to the north of the green at the intersection of Route 4 and George Washington Turnpike dominates the landscape at the intersection. To the north of the green and shielded from it is a post-1950s, moderately-sized shopping center.

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