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Salem Green

The heart of the Salem Green is shaped like half an oval and fronts Hartford Road (Route 85) for about 220 feet on the west. On the east, it is bounded by a paved road that serves the cluster of buildings near it. There is no intersecting highway. It is situated mostly on town-owned land but the northern corner of the tip of the half oval appears to be on church-owned property.

Behind (to the east of) the green are the Congregational church (c. 1838); Center School (1885; now used as a grange hall); and the Salem Town house (c. 1749; originally built as an Episcopal Church in Norwich and moved to the site c. 1831 and presently used by the historical society). To the south of the Town House is the parsonage (c. 1865) for the Congregational Church and to the rear (west) of the Congregational Church is the educational office building (c.1970). These vernacular buildings are all painted white and clustered around the green imbue it with a simple dignity. This is in contrast to the garage directly across the street used by Ace Machine Company that has numerous cars parked in front. Behind the Center School and separated by a stone fence is a cemetery.

The green itself is smoothly graded. It is shaded by a few deciduous and coniferous trees. There are five war memorials on the small green, four of the five being bronze plaques on large boulders or rough-cut granite blocks. There are small shrubs at their bases. The green and the front lawns of the surrounding buildings are the site of the Salem Apple Festival in the autumn.

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