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Norwichtown Green

The Norwichtown Green, located within a National Register and local historic district, is a long triangle of about 1.75 acres. It is bordered by Town Street, East Town Street and Elm Avenue which in turn are surrounded by closely spaced structures from the 18th and 19th centuries that form a wall around the open space. The green is located to the north and west of Washington Street, a major north-west artery along which a stretch of commercial buildings are located just to the south of the green. However, the green and its surrounding streetscape remain unscathed by the twentieth century (with one exception). It is situated on a plateau to the south of an outcropping of large rocks called Meeting House Hill where the second and third meetinghouses were erected for security purposes.

Shade trees, mostly mature maples with some replacements, are planted around the perimeter. Other than the curb along Town and East Town Streets and a large conifer toward the center, it remains relatively unimproved. It is uneven and slopes from where the conifer is located toward the south and the northeast.

The densely-situated streetscape comprised primarily of intact 18th century structures imbue the old town center with a sense of the past. Some of the significant buildings include the Silversmith Shop (1772-74); the grammar school (1783); the General Jedehiah Huntington House (1765) and the Branford-Huntington House (1691, 1719). All of these buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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