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Bean Hill Green

Bean Hill Green, located within a National Register Historic District, is a grassy rectangle bounded by West Town Street on the south, Huntington Street on the west, Vergason Road on the east and an unnamed corridor on the north. West Town Street is a major artery where commercial strip development predominates. The heavy volume of traffic and the 20th century commercial buildings detract from what otherwise would be a cohesive streetscape of simpler vernacular domestic structures dating from the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The historic character of the Methodist Church (1833) at the corner of West Town Street and Vergason Road has been seriously compromised by its conversion to a commercial structure. It is still an important structure in that it relates historically, visually and functionally to the green.

The green was once shaded by elm, ash and poplar trees that were planted in 1729 when the boundaries of the plain were re-set. Now mainly mature maple trees provide shade around the exterior of the grassy open space. Curbs range along three of the four sides and it slopes suddenly to the east at the tree line along Huntington Street. The early dwellings are placed close to the road and form an enclosure for the open space on three of the four sides. The simple nature of the buildings and the unimproved quality of the green combine to form an important historic resource.

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