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New Milford Town Green

The New Milford Green, located within the New Milford Center Historic District, is a one-quarter mile long by 100 foot wide open expanse in the town center. It is oriented on a north-south axis and divides the town's Main Street into two streets, a one-way street going north and the other south. Two streets cross it, dividing it into the three parcels known as the lower green, middle green, and upper green. The ground gradually rises as the green moves north up Aspetuck Hill. Parallel and head-in parking is allowed around the green. Asphalt curbs protect it from the street.

One of the most notable features of this narrow green is the tight enclosure provided it by the densely packed buildings around it. This is particularly true on the east side where two-story, wood-frame residences punctuated by two-story, masonry institutional and religious structures are evenly set back from the street behind a sidewalk.

Mostly long and low commercial buildings from the second half of the twentieth century line the west side. Parking is provided around many of them located along the northern half of the green and as a result, the buildings there are widely spaced apart and surrounded by asphalt. An open lot exists at the southwest corner where a gas station is located. Despite this, the impact of these relatively new unremarkable buildings inspired by the automobile is not as pronounced as it could be.

Traffic is rather heavy around the green, particularly around Bridge Street where the only traffic light exists. Signs regulating parking and other activities further detract from the serenity of the green.

The long grassy expanse consisting of .46 acres is irregularly traversed with narrow asphalt paths where wooden benches are located. Mostly mature deciduous trees line the east and west edges. There is a monument across the street at either end of the green. The flagpole at the southern end dedicated to Korean War veterans is situated on land belonging to the State Department of Transportation and is located between the street and the sidewalk. The monument on the northern end is a bronze bust of Lincoln op top of a tall stone pedestal (c. 1913). It is dramatically sited at the foot of the long grassy lot that slopes sharply behind it up Aspetuck Hill. Visually, it extends the length of the green. (It is about at this point where the first meetinghouse is said to have been built.)

Several monuments are located on the green. On the lower green is a large war memorial in "recognition of service rendered by men and women of New Milford during a national crises." To the north of it is a large tank. On the middle green are two more monuments; another Civil War memorial in the form of a granite temple with a bronze plaque; and a bell from a ship mounted on a granite base honoring H.S. Knapp, an admiral who had a summer home in New Milford and served in the Spanish-American War and World War One. Also on the green is the bandstand constructed in 1875 by the New Milford Cornet Band.

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