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Newington Center Green

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The Newington Center Green was created by the Town of Newington in 1885 as a public park, at which time trees were planted and the land graded. The Green is the last substantial publicly-owned part of the ancient Half-mile Common originally set aside for common pasture and woodlot when Newington was first settled. (Baxter, 278) Historically, the land has been used for drilling by the community Train Band, and it was the site for the cannon firing to celebrate incorporation of the Town in 1871. Following its creation, the Green became a popular site for recreation and ball games. Between 1897-1937, a trolley line ran along the eastern edge of the Green, with a station just north of Cedar Street.

Beginning with the creation of Churchill Park (1931), the Town has developed other larger and more versatile recreational facilities, with the result that the active use of Center Green has fallen off. The Green now is mostly ornamental; few people walk through it. It is a popular spot for erecting signs to advertise town functions (e.g. recreational and charity events) held elsewhere.

Robert Stanley, Superintendent of Parks and Recreation, is the Town staff member who is responsible for maintenance of the Green.



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