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Naugatuck Green

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Shape and Size

Shape: Unspecified
Shape Details:

Size Class: Unspecified
Approximate Dimensions (LxW):

Approximate Acreage:

Alterations: No
Alterations Details:

Features and Physical Description

Landscape Features:
Landscape Features Details:

Structures On Green: Bandstand
Structures On Green Details:

Bandstand; Civil War Memorial; fountain

Surrounding Environment: Commercial, High Building Density

Interrelationship of Green and Surroundings:

Other Notable Features / General Description: 

Threats: Other
Threats Details: 

The Victorian Town Hall across from the green and the Naugatuck National Bank (McKim, Mead and White) next to it have been replaced by a new town hall building, a modern glass and concrete cube. Although the loss of the buildings is regrettable, the remainder of the buildings around the green date from the 19th century. However, the block of commercial buildings to the south of the library appear to be suffering somewhat from deferred maintenance suggesting that city center is undergoing some economic disinvestment as people go to the suburban malls to shop.



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