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Green at Manchester Green

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In October 1672 the General Court granted an extension of 5 miles to the eastern boundary of Hartford. Part of Hartford, including Five Mile Tract, was incorporated in 1783 as East Hartford. Manchester separated from East Hartford in 1823 and was incorporated. It was named for Manchester, England, because of manufacturing interests.

Manchester Green was one of the earliest villages of Manchester and had the first post office. This was considered the center of Manchester until the railroad bypassed it. The green at Manchester Green was probably set aside as a green, but according to local historians "has always been there."

The Woodbridge Tavern (c. 1700s) was located to the west of the green, where a Sunoco gas station now stands. The tavern, a relay station on the route from Hartford to points east, was visited by George Washington on November 9, 1789. Washington was on his presidential tour of the "Eastern States." President James Monroe stopped here in 1817. Craft reports, "It is still on the main highway at Manchester Green."

The green at Manchester Green is significant as a connection to Manchester Green's historic past.



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