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Davis Park

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Davis Park, although not called a town green, functions as one in its historical role as a place for important public events and recreation. The park, which incorporates the earlier Soldiers' Monument lot, was created in 1890. Edwin Davis, a Danielson native living in Iowa, donated part of the land in 1889 in honor of his parents, Randall Davis and Philia Kies Davis, after whom the park is named. The Borough of Danielson, with help from prominent merchants and manufacturers, purchased the rest of the property.

The park's creation is an example of the "village improvement" movement of the late 19th century to beautify communities, and it reflects Danielson's rising commercial and civic role in the town and region. It was one of a number of community improvements that changed Danielson greatly in the 1880s and 1890s, including telephone service, gas lighting, and electricity. The Park's location was also auspicious, among the homes of many prominent citizens such as merchant Orvil M. Capron (#170 Main Street, c. 1855 Italian Villa) and manufacturer Edwin H. Jacobs (#172 Main Street, a c 1890 Victorian Vernacular).

The Park through the years has been the site of many major town events, ranging from the 1908 town bicentennial celebration to Christmas festivities and arts and crafts fairs of today. From the start, the bandshell was used regularly for concerts, and the park in early years was embellished with a fountain (now removed) that featured a nude allegorical female figure.



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