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Harwinton Green

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The Harwinton Green is a very small triangular greensward along Route 4 which was originally contiguous with the town parade ground. Stone walls along South Road indicate the boundaries of the original parade ground. The town still owns the land within those boundaries. Adjacent property owners maintain the town-owned land along South Road; the town maintains the green.

The township of Harwinton is a composite of lands granted from the towns of Hartford and Windsor. The town was incorporated in 1737. Route 4 predates settlement of Harwinton as the road between the earlier towns of Litchfield and Farmington. Harwinton was a convenient stopping place between these two towns and may have been settled for that reason. The early settlers were generally from Windsor or Hartford and came to settle the land they had purchased.

The first meetinghouse was built beside the turnpike on the present green in 1745. In 1808 a new church was built on the hill north of this green at the site of the present Congregational Church (1953) on Route 4. The homes around the green date from the eighteenth and nineteenth century. In the northeast corner is the Center Cemetery.

The Harwinton Green dates back to the early history of the town as part of the parade ground at the town center and the location of the first meetinghouse. Harwinton today is a scattered rural community essentially without a center. Commercial businesses are not located in any one area and town government activities are located in contemporary structures isolated from residential and commercial areas. Yet this tiny green, despite its size and rural setting, is important to contemporary town residents and is acknowledged as their town center.



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