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Court House Green

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In 1785 Haddam and Middlesex became half-shire towns and each was required to be the seat of the county government for six months during the year. A stone courthouse was constructed in the intersection of Route 154 and Walkley Hill Road in 1828-1829 for this purpose; hence the name, Court House Green.

The first floor of the courthouse was used by the Town of Haddam as the town hall. In 1895 it ceased being a court house and was deeded to the Masonic Building Association but was destroyed a year later by fire. It was then deeded to the Edward W. Hazen Foundation. The organization removed the destroyed building and transformed the triangulated greensward into what it called "a park." The stone retaining walls around the green are probably comprised of stones from the old court house. The green is now owned by the Town, the title being transferred in 1947.

Court House Green is the site of a courthouse that also served as the town hall. When it was destroyed by fire, the town fathers conscientiously turned it into a memorial park, preserving the site of the court house.



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