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Collinsville Green

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The Collinsville Green was designated such in the original lay-out of the town. Collinsville is a nineteenth century mill town; its existence can be credited entirely to the Collins Company established in 1826 by Samuel Collins and his brother, David, for the manufacture of axes. The local historic district study committee report and National Register inventory form provide information about the company and its development of the town.

Samuel Collins is responsible for the design and amenities of the town. Presumably the green was laid out sometime just before 1836 when the church was built and the 1840s when homes on either side of the green were constructed. In the nineteenth century the green had much more the appearance of a town green than it does today. It was originally laid out as a rectangular greensward with crossed path (in the form of an X) through the center for buggies and wagons and pedestrians pathways where the present sidewalks are today. A turn-of-the-century photograph shows picket fences in front of all the houses along the green and elm trees along the fences. To accommodate automobiles the buggy paths have been widened and paved in this century to the point where there is more street than green.

What is left is beautifully kept and the church is still at the end of the green facing Main Street. The homes along the green built in the 1840s are equally well-maintained (Samuel Collins also built most of these homes and then sold them to his employees. He gave the green, the streets and other public properties to the town after building them.)

The Collinsville Green is an important focal point of an almost intact 19th-century mill town. It retains its original historical integrity except that the paths crossing it diagonally have been widened and paved such that there is more pavement than greensward on the street.



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