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Pachaug Green

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The community of Griswold was originally part of Norwich, becoming a part of Preston in 1786. Separation from Preston was granted in 1815. The village of Pachaug began around 1690.

Pachaug Green was originally much larger than its present size. The construction of State Route 138 robbed the green of much of its square footage, destroying the original layout. Today little remains of the historic landscape.

In 1903 Mary Elizabeth Lester of New York City donated the fountain in memory of her father and brother. The Lester Fountain, formally presented to the town on October 15, 1903, is a replica of a fountain then located on the upper west side of New York City. The water supply came from Meechs Hill, 1,700 feet to the west of the green. Over the years the fountain came to be highly appreciated by the traveling public.

Today the fountain is looked upon as a tribute to the entire Lester family, who rank among Griswold's most prominent citizens.

What remains of the Pachaug Green is significant both as a remnant of the historic green and for the Lester Fountain.



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