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Goshen was auctioned at New Haven in 1737 and settlers arrived in 1739. Many of the early residents came from Wallingford and Farmington, and the area quickly became famous as grazing and dairy country. Muskets, clocks, and carriages have all been manufactured in Goshen with great success. Cheese- and pottery-making were once important industries.

Goshen has not historically had a town green; it has evolved over the years. Although school children have used the area as a gathering place since the early 20th century at least, meeting there to walk to the cemetery on Memorial Day, it is generally agreed that the green was established when the World War I and World War II memorials were moved to their present location there in 1983. The memorials had been located at the old Town Hall building at the corner of State Routes 63 and 4.

A bicentennial oak tree on the green is a descendant of Hartford's famous Charter Oak. The crabapples were planted as part of the state's Trees for Towns program.

Today the green is used for commemorative purposes. A plaque in honor of Desert Storm veterans is planned.

The Goshen Green is significant as a town green created in the late 20th century. The fact that townspeople felt a need to create a central memorial area attests to the importance of and need for town greens. Today this area is used for many of the commemorative functions that have historically been associated with town greens.



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