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Canton Green

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The Canton Village Green is part of the original development of the village. It is one of four villages within the Town of Canton and the second one to be settled. The Albany Turnpike (now Route 44) was completed in 1764 and Canton Village was settled soon after. The Baptist Church on the north side of Route 44 (now converted to commercial use) was built on the green c. 1807 and was moved from there within the last decade. It stood approximately where the gazebo is, across the road from the 18th-century house at the corner of the green. The schoolhouse which faces the green from the west was built c. 1790 on the other side of the Dowd Avenue and moved to its present location. The schoolhouse is presently an art gallery owned by a nonprofit artists guild. Should the artists guild cease to have use for the building it will become the property of the Canton Historical Society by provision of the present deed. The widening of Route 44 to four lanes in 1984 cut into the green sharply and has effectively cut the north side of the village center off from the green.

Although the green is part of the original development of Canton, its integrity has been disturbed by the widening of Route 44 and the strip development that has occurred along it.



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