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Branford Green

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Shape and Size

Shape: Unspecified
Shape Details:

Size Class: Unspecified
Approximate Dimensions (LxW):

Approximate Acreage:

Alterations: No
Alterations Details:

Features and Physical Description

Landscape Features:
Landscape Features Details:

Structures On Green: Church
Structures On Green Details:

Memorial flagpole (WW II, Korean and Vietnam Wars), Civil War Memorial; World War I Memorial; Memorial commemorating founding of Yale University

Surrounding Environment: Commercial, High Building Density, Residential

Interrelationship of Green and Surroundings:

Other Notable Features / General Description: 

Threats: Other
Threats Details: 

Because Branford did not remove the civic and religious buildings from the green in the 19th century like so many other towns in the state, it has had to wrestle with the difficult problem of adapting the green to meet the needs of the 20th century, particularly that of vehicular traffic and parking. Considering the challenge, it has done a reasonable job. Another challenge that the town has recently faced was the deterioration of the downtown commercial neighborhood directly across from the green. By upgrading the streetscape, routing more bus traffic through the area, and working with the retailers, the area has been considerably improved over the last few years.



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