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Millington Green

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The Millington section of East Haddam was settled in 1704 by Jonathan Beebe of New London. Soon after, settlers began to arrive from East Haddam Landing, Lyme, and Colchester.

In October 1733 a petition was granted to establish a new Ecclesiastical Society at Millington, and on December 2, 1736, the Millington Congregational Church was organized. The first meetinghouse was built in the middle of the green around 1740.

Between 1754 and 1750 a school was built on the south side of the green. Joseph Spencer opened a store on Tater Hill, just south of the green, around 1750. This marked the beginning of commerce in the village. Around 1756 Jonah Cone began operating a tavern near the green, and a second store was opened on the north side of the green by Ebenezer Dutton around 1765.

During the Revolutionary War, training was held on the green for the local militia. In the organization of the state militia in 1816, the Millington Flank Company was created, numbering nearly a hundred men at one time. Training days were held the first Monday in May and began in the fall. After training, the company was treated to liquid refreshment and dinner at the nearby tavern. The Millington Flank Company continued training until 1847, when it was disbanded.

The years between 1810 and 1815 marked the zenith of Millington's importance. This period was short-lived, however, as the area never fully recovered from a depression that followed the War of 1812.

The year 1832 saw a new meetinghouse (32' x 44') built on the north side of the green. The building committee rejected architectural plans from Benjamin E. Palmer of Brooklyn, Connecticut, in favor of plans by Edward Worthington of Moodus. The church burned to the ground in 1971.

Today Millington exists as a quiet village with the green at its center. The area has the atmosphere of a peaceful 19th-century New England village.

Millington Green is significant as a public open space that has endured for over 300 years. The green and surrounding buildings comprise the Millington Green Historic District.



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