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Winthrop Green

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During the 17th century, Deep River was part of the Potapaug Quarter, which also included Essex and Chester. By 1723 the first homes had been built in the village of Deep River. The town grew slowly for the next 100 years, until the establishment in 1816 of Ezra Williams & Co., a firm that manufactured ivory combs. At that time the population began to increase dramatically.

The Winthrop Baptist Church stands on the site occupied by the original meetinghouse. That meetinghouse, built in 1773, was torn down in 1867 to make way for the present church. The green was established when the meetinghouse was built. An 1874 F.W. Beers map of Winthrop shows a school building at the eastern point of the green and a long shed behind the church. A 1900 photograph identifies the shed as a carriage house. The carriage house has since been removed to Mystic Seaport as a museum piece.

On 1867-68 the Winthrop Baptist Church was moved to its present location from Deep River, where it had been used for several years by the Methodist Society of Deep River. An addition was built in 1988.

The Winthrop Cemetery, which dates back to about 1750, is several hundred yards east of the church.

Today Winthrop Green provides a pleasant setting for the church.

Winthrop Green is significant as the site of the first meetinghouse in Winthrop.



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