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Veterans Memorial Park

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In the mid-19th century, Veterans Memorial Park was an open space and part of a larger lot in what was primarily a residential neighborhood. In 1906, it was willed to the Saybrook Library Association by Joseph Banning and Mary Smith for $900 to be used only as a public park or library site. It was not improved as a memorial park until it was deeded to the town by the Library Association in 1946. The road cutting diagonally through it dividing it into two parcels was constructed after the deed transfer.

Veterans Memorial Park has been used by the public as a park since 1906. Early maps indicate that it has been open space at least since the mid-19th century. Although its roots are not in the formation of the town, it has evolved into the "town green" over the years and treated as such by the citizens of Deep River. Its historic integrity has been jeopardized by the recent addition of the commercial building across from it.



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