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Crossroads Common (Library Green)

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Bolton's second green, Crossroads Common, was formerly dedicated along with a donated gazebo on October 14, 1990. The contemporary common is located on a former cow pasture, part of the Jones Dairy Farm owned by R.K. Jones. The Jones residence (1751) is located near the traditional town green about one tenth of a mile east on Bolton Center Road.

The State Highway Department purchased the farmland in 1930 for road improvements; the straightening of the original curved street line of Old Bolton Road which, when carried out, left a crescent shaped piece of land.

The St. Maurice Chapel was built in 1938 on the old highway, the Old Bolton Road, for Episcopal worship. It is now the Hans Christian Andersen Montessori School. The land remained unused from the 1930s until January 21, 1962 when the State gave it to the Town of Bolton.

The town did not immediately plan for this open space to become a green. It has evolved into one over the past 30 years. The Bentley Memorial Library was built c. 1975 and a few years later shade trees were added to the green; these are still quite small. A contest held to name the green produced "Crossroads Common" but it is not unusual to hear it referred to as "Library Green." The donation of a bandstand gazebo by a townsperson in 1990 has set the scene for public performances and public recognition of this new green is becoming established.

Presently this green has little historic significance except that it has quickly become recognized and celebrated as the focus for larger civic and cultural events that can not be held on the traditional green. It also is a "green-in-the-making" that could eventually be considered an important historical space.



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