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West Green

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West Green is a remnant of common land that has survived by virtue of its location between two roads at an intersection immediately south of Gold Star Memorial Green, another remnant of common land. It remained unimproved until 1924 when it was graded and seeded. In the 1930's, a tennis court was located at the narrow southern end but when West Road was improved (widened), there was no longer enough room for it. In a 1949 Town Annual Report, the "Upper West Green" (as it was then known) was referred to as being "neglected." In the 1951 Annual Report, it was "improved." Despite the fact that it appears to be an insignificant parcel of land, the sentiment for it is high as demonstrated by the public outcry when the town considered selling it in the 1980s.

West Green is a left over parcel of common land that has remained open space. It is not readily identifiable as an historic space because of the nature of its surroundings. It is the least significant of Cromwell's secondary greens.



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