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Patriots Corner

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Patriots Corner was not historically a green, but was selected and acquired for the purpose of locating the memorials to Cromwell's past. The Society of Middletown Upper Houses (founded by members of the Ranney family) acquired the triangle for $1 from an heir of Justus Stocking. The Stockard family were originally granted land east of Pleasant Street to the river and westward to Main Street. Stocking died a millionaire. C. Collard Adams was instrumental in the development of the area as a green. Collard was a chaplain in the Civil War, as well as a teacher and writer. He died in 1925.

In 1905 the large granite and bronze memorial was unloaded from a railroad car and dedicated. The memorial was unveiled by little Evangeline Eells and a prayer offered by the Reverend Edward Eells.

The Patriots Boulder and mortar were moved to the green in 1907. This memorial group had previously been located outside of the Old Burying Ground on Timber Hill Road. At this location the monuments had suffered much vandalism, leaving the wooden mouth of the mortar smashed and the shells scattered. In a report to the Society of Middletown Upper Houses in 1906, "the matter of removing the boulder, mortar, and shells from their present out of the way location to the Stocking Triangle was discussed." The Patriots Boulder had originally been taken from a homestead on Pleasant Street. At one time the boulder was surmounted by the school bell, cast in 1776, of the original school district and had a socket in which to hold a flag. Miss Julia Mosher, a descendent of Stephen Ranney, patriot, made the dedication at the Old Burying Ground in 1903.

The steel flagpole, a gift of Timothy Shaler, and a wrought-iron fence were installed in 1981. A new fence was erected in 1976.

On September 25, 1921, there was a gathering on the green of the survivors of the 24th Connecticut Infantry. They were escorted by World War I veterans of Middletown and the pupils of Nathaniel White School. In anticipation of the event, Dr. Frank K. Hallock "improved" the green at his own expense.

In May 1976 a local 4H group under the direction of Mrs. Harold Logan planted flowers around the memorials as a Bicentennial project

The new wrought-iron fence was erected and the green rededicated on November 11, 1976. Taking part in the exercises were the American Legion Color Guard and Firing Squad. A wreath was placed at the granite boulder. Taps was sounded. It is reported that "the few who attended were much inspired by the tone of the day." Legion past commander Douglas Partridge was master of ceremonies. In 1927 the green was significantly reduced in size as a result of road construction. The identification sign was added in 1977.

Patriots Green is significant as the location of historic monuments to Cromwell's past..



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