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Gold Star Memorial Green

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Gold Star Memorial Green was a remnant of common land upon which West School, a public school, was erected in 1770. In 1803, a Baptist church was permitted to build on the common property. The church stood there until 1833 when it was moved to the town center north of the present day Memorial Green. The property apparently remained unimproved except for a double row of maples planted by Deacon Isaac Sage on the green in front of his property. In 1924, the West Side Cut Flower Company donated a team of horses; the town purchased the seed and fertilizer, and the green was finally plowed, fertilized, seeded and harrowed. On May 30, 1953, the open space was designated "Gold Star Memorial Green" in memory of World War Two veterans. ("Gold star" refers to the practice of hanging a small banner in the window displaying a red star for each member of the family serving in the armed forces. The red star was replaced with a gold star when someone died.)

Gold Star Memorial Green was originally common land upon which a school and a Baptist church were constructed. It remains the focal point for a 20th-century Catholic church and its Victorian rectory. It is important as a secondary green and contributes to the understanding of the historic development of Cromwell but is being compromised by development not in keeping with its historic character.



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