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Coventry Green

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Settlement of Coventry began around 1707. In 1712 when an Ecclesiastical Society was incorporated, sixteen families were living in the community. Some of the early structures were clustered around the green which was set out by the 1730s, according to the National Register nomination. Funds for the construction of the first meetinghouse were approved in 1715. According to the marker next to the green, it was located across from the green on High Street. In 1766, a dispute erupted over the location of the second meetinghouse. The General Assembly instructed it to be built near the schoolhouse opposite the green, which presumably was near or on the site of the previous meetinghouse. However, when the third church was constructed, it was built on Main Street which had by then become the center of town. The old church was used as the town hall until c. 1876 when a new one was constructed, also on Main Street. A photograph of the church while it was still standing shows a deteriorating structure with presumably the school beside it. In front of it is High Street, still a dirt road, and on the green in the foregound are two trees. The old meetinghouse was destroyed by fire c. 1898.

The green was used as a military training ground during the French and Indian War as reflected by its old name "Old Training Ground." As late as World War II it was used as a site for an army camp for troops awaiting orders to go to France.

The Coventry Green was established during the early years of the town and served as the civic and religious center of the community until the mid-19th century. While the green appears much as it did during the late 19th century, many of the buildings around it have disappeared and it now has a semi-rural character.



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