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Colebrook Green

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In 1779, Colebrook (along with Barkhamsted), was the last colonial town in Connecticut to be incorporated. The location of the meetinghouse was contested by those living in Colebrook Center and North Colebrook between 1786, when the first ecclesiastical society was formed, and 1793, when the meetinghouse was finally built. It was erected in the town center near the site of the present church. However, the dispute continued and it was decided to move the building north of the brook.

The Colebrook Green has functioned as such at least since the present Colebrook Church was built on its present site in 1843. By that time, Colebrook had become a prosperous community due to its cattle raising and related industry; the general store where the locals traded; and the Colebrook Inn, a stop for people traveling to New Haven on the Colebrook Road. Population in Colebrook reached its peak in 1860 and declined dramatically until 1920 when it reached its lowest point. This pattern is reflected in the buildings around the green, all constructed prior to 1860. Photographs from the late 19th-century show the green much as it appears today with the white-steepled church set back on the green with the circular rail fence in front.

Colebrook's Green has served as the focal point of the community at least since the mid-19th century when the present church was constructed. The limited degree of modern intrusions and the integrity of the historic buildings around the green combine to make the landscape an exceptional historic resource.



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