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Colchester Town Green

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Shape and Size

Shape: Triangle
Shape Details:

Size Class: Unspecified
Approximate Dimensions (LxW):

Approximate Acreage:
about 2.75
Alterations: No
Alterations Details:

Features and Physical Description

Landscape Features:
Landscape Features Details:

Structures On Green: Sign
Structures On Green Details:

War Memorials (WWI, WWII, Civil War, and Vietnam), historical marker, community board for public notices.

Surrounding Environment: Commercial, High Building Density, Residential

Interrelationship of Green and Surroundings:

Other Notable Features / General Description: 

Threats Details: 

The historic downtown area is undergoing some economic disinvestment as development takes place on its periphery that is more compatible with present day dependency on the automobile. As a result, those concerned abut the green and its streetscape have had to be vigilant over the last decade to ensure that the area remains a desirable place to shop, work, and live. The green and portions of its streetscape are currently listed on the National Register and within a local historic district. Those buildings that are not include the commercial buildings that are under the greatest amount of development pressure. Efforts have been made to develop zoning regulations and incentives that would help ensure the viability of these buildings. Meanwhile, buildings outside the historic district boundaries that visually impact the green continue to be threatened.



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