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The Burlington Green

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The Burlington Green probably became the center of town activities in the 19th century about the time the Congregational church was moved and rebuilt on its present site across Spielman Highway (Route 4) from the green in 1836. The church was built in 1808 southeast of its present location on George Washington Turnpike at Belden Road. The first meetinghouse was built across the street from this site and, as a result, this intersection became the colonial center of town where taverns, parade ground and the meetinghouse were location.

The present green represents the post-colonial development of the town of Burlington. It was originally connected to the adjacent parcel of land upon which now stands the structure now occupied by Fleet Bank (c. 1810). If there were any buildings at the intersection upon the present day green, they were gone by 1874 when the town held their centennial celebration. Until recent decades, the town's several schools held a common graduation ceremony in the church across from the green on Flag Day and which commenced with a ceremony on the green. The green today is used as a public gathering place for holiday celebrations and an annual festival sponsored by the local historical society.

The Burlington Green and the surrounding streetscape represents the 19th century development of the community.



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