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The Original Town Green

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The settlement of Wethersfield began in 1634 by men who came from Massachusetts. One year later an ecclesiastical society was formed making Wethersfield one of the earliest settlements in the state. When the town was laid out, an area was established in the center for a common adjacent to the Indian burying ground and, subsequently, the town burying ground. It became known as Meeting House Square or Green. In 1647, what is thought to be the first meetinghouse of the Society, was completed on the green situated on it "four or five rods southwesterly from the present church edifice." The second church was constructed c. 1686 and the third and present church was erected in 1761-1764. Gradually, land on all sides was appropriated for different purposes, until today all that remains of Meeting House Green is a small island at the intersection of Marsh and Main Streets.

What once was the common set aside to serve the civic and religious functions of one of the earliest settlements in Connecticut has been reduced to little more than a traffic island. It has little value as a green; its significance lies in its commemorative function honoring "Meeting House Green" that once existed at the intersection in a much larger form.



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