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This green is part of three acres of property owned by Christ Episcopal Church, and has been in existence since an earlier Christ Church was constructed on its north end in 1794. In 1854 the old church was sold and moved, but remained near the green until 1923. The present church dates from 1854. The Academy building was erected in 1846, the present rectory in 1857. It was originally planted with elms, which have since been replaced by maples.

The green is lightly used for passive recreation: strolling, informal games. The church formerly used it as the site of its church fair for a period of 20 years.

In its lack of formal landscaping and its openness in a central location, with incremental construction around it over the years, it retains the feeling of a well-maintained, early 19th century church green of the era prior to the village improvement movement of the late 19th century. Given the quality of the mid to late 19th century residential and church architecture surrounding it, this area should be considered, at the least, as part of any residential National Register Historic District in downtown Watertown, and could even stand as the nucleus for a district of its own.



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