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Warren Green

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The Town of Warren was incorporated in 1786 from Kent, after having been organized as the Ecclesiastical Society of East Greenwich in 1750. Since its first meetinghouse was built in 1768-69, the town's center has been in its present location. The present green, however, is a product of a realignment of state highways that occurred after 1930. At that time, traffic heading north on Routes 45 and 341 was funneled onto a new road cut through what had been the site of a 19th century schoolhouse. The schoolhouse had been replaced by a new consolidated school around that time and was moved north on Cornwall Road and converted into a dwelling. The resulting triangular piece of land has become an informal town green, a gathering site for Memorial Day parades and Ceremonies, and the location of a small commemorative plaque. It is identified on town maps as the Warren Green.

The significance of this green is purely local. Neither its history nor its landscaping features are particularly significant. However, its use and centrality would make it an integral part of the center of rural Warren.



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