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Wallingford Parade Grounds

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Shape and Size

Shape: Unspecified
Shape Details:

Size Class: Unspecified
Approximate Dimensions (LxW):

Approximate Acreage:

Alterations: No
Alterations Details:

Features and Physical Description

Landscape Features:
Landscape Features Details:

Structures On Green:
Structures On Green Details:

Plaque to founding fathers, fountain, WW I and WW II Memorial, state plaque

Surrounding Environment: High Building Density

Interrelationship of Green and Surroundings:

Other Notable Features / General Description: 

Threats Details: 

Presently, the streetscape around the green represents a high degree of integrity. However, development pressure is particularly great in such a dense urban core and can already be seen in some of the newer buildings that do not conform to the earlier setback and height restrictions. Care should be taken that the zoning regulations support the use and reuse of the present structures that are representative of an important era of the town's development. While little if any of the physical integrity of the strip of land that was once part of the green remains, its associative value as the site of the first meetinghouse around which the community grew is still important, and care should be taken against further encroachment of its borders.



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