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Libby Kellogg Green

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Shape and Size

Shape: Unspecified
Shape Details:

Size Class: Unspecified
Approximate Dimensions (LxW):
45' x 90'
Approximate Acreage:


Alterations: No
Alterations Details:
bandstand removed, dimensions reduced, etc.

Features and Physical Description

Landscape Features:
Landscape Features Details:

Memorial marker

Structures On Green:
Structures On Green Details:

Memorial marker

Surrounding Environment: Scattered Buildings

Interrelationship of Green and Surroundings:

Other Notable Features / General Description: 

Threats: Other, Vandalism
Threats Details: 

None at present, although a renewed controversy over the intersection might cause a future threat. In 1986 it became clear that many town officials still favor the master plan's recommendation to eliminate the green as a hazardous traffic island and simplify the intersection.



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