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War Memorial Park

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Sprague War Memorial Park is located within an intact 19th century corporate-built town on the banks of the Shetucket River. It was developed by William Sprague III to support the textile mill he built in 1856 across the river from the company town. The area which is now the park was occupied by a boarding house and an athletic club which was built in 1856, damaged in the 1938 hurricane and subsequently torn down. The property remained vacant until after World War Two when a temporary war memorial was placed on the site. A permanent memorial was constructed in 1847 and it was joined by a World War One memorial moved there from another park.

War Memorial Park is a relatively new park created as a site for a war memorial. In the eyes of many of the local people, it has evolved into the village green because of its central location and its commemorative function. Memorial Day services are held here each year.



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