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Sharon Town Green

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Active settlement of Sharon did not begin until 1737. When it was incorporated as a town in 1739, Town Street (now Main Street or Route 41) was laid out twelve rods wide, double the width of the other streets. A committee was appointed to locate the site of the meetinghouse. According to Sedgwick, a point was established "directly opposite the tavern now kept by Mr. Perry Loucks."

More than 250 years later the 1.5 mile green has borne the widening and paving of Main Street with little effect to its original layout. Churches and the town hall have always faced the green and still do today. The north end has always been commercial and still is today. It was without trees throughout the 18th and well into the 19th century when it was used as pasture. Homeowners adjacent to the green built fences to keep livestock off their properties. Several homes along the green still have fences. An 1879 photograph (housed in the historical society) shows the fences and open appearance of the green. This photograph was taken just after the first trees - elms - were planted along both sides of the green. All but two of the elms are gone now but many other trees have been planted, giving the green the park-like appearance so commonplace in the later 19th century.

This classic New England town green is essentially intact as it was laid out in the early development of Sharon. It was the town center then as it is today.



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