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Civil War Memorial Park

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Civil War Memorial Park is located north of the original common (set aside in 1750) in what has been a commercial area of the town since its development. Civil War Memorial Park is contiguous with the lawns of the adjacent White Hart Inn. The tavern portion of the Inn was constructed sometime in the 1790s and a tavern or inn has operated from the structure, possibly with several brief interruptions, since that time. The structure has been enlarged several times and remains a popular New England Inn.

Civil War Memorial Park was designated a public park to serve a commemorative function after the town voted $2,500 and raised an additional $1,600 through subscription to construct a Civil War Monument. A town appointed committee chose the location of the monument in 1890. The monument, designed by George Bissell, was dedicated in 1891. The site had previously been used for a store.

Civil War Memorial Park was created in 1890 to serve a commemorative function. Because only a remnant of the original common remains as a lawn beside the Congregational Church, Civil War Memorial Park is considered "the town green" by many of Salisbury's citizens.



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