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Goodman Green

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Goodman Green is named after its donor, Timothy Goodman, who, in 1747, donated the strip of land to the Ecclesiastical Society to be used as a parade ground. It abutted the property to the north where the meetinghouse was located which he earlier had deeded to the Society.

The land was also used as a public gathering place for holiday celebrations and other events, particularly after militia training was disbanded. In 1877, the Society received a $2,000 bequeath from a West Hartford citizen for improvements to the park and old cemeteries. At that time, the property was leased to the town. The Society regained control and made improvements. It is now leased back to the town.

Today the park has been reduced almost to a median strip by the widening of the highways. Traffic is particularly heavy at this intersection, the heart of the civic center and a busy commercial area.

Goodman Green is the site of the militia training ground established in 1747. Although nothing remains of the original streetscape and the width of the green has been reduced to provide wider highways, the buildings presently surrounding it still serve the civic and religious needs of the community.



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