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Terryville Triangle

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An early twentieth-century photograph of the park shows the area surrounding the park as primarily residential with trees planted mainly along Route 6. It also shows a pond near the east end of the park which no longer exists. Today it is heavily commercial, particularly along Route 6. Along North Main Street, a couple of the earlier residences can be seen, although Terryville High School (c. 1970) and the local volunteer ambulance headquarters dominate the streetscape. A wood frame Catholic Church is adjacent to the park on Route 6 at the southeast corner of the green. It does not relate functionally to Baldwin Park as it faces Route 6.

Baldwin Park is an open space in an otherwise congested area and acts as a buffer between the commercial development along Route 6 and the more quiet residential community north of the park. It functions as a green in the eyes of the community although it was established in the late 19th century as a park. It is a gathering place for festivals and events and serves a commemorative function.



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