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South Green (Trivet Green or Church Green)

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Old Saybrook is one of the towns that originally made up the Old Saybrook Colony which was established in the 1630s through a land grant by Charles the II. The first settlement was on Saybrook Point where the first two meetinghouses were constructed. The third was moved inland and constructed in 1726 on the present South Green. The property was deeded to the Ecclesiastical Society by John and Isaac Pratt (father and son). The Pratts were a prominent Saybrook family and responsible for some of the earliest houses in the immediate area of the green.

The present Congregational Church was erected across the church from the green in 1839. When the older church was removed from the green, money was raised in 1845 to "improve the desolate site left by the church." According to the committee's plans, the ground was leveled and trees were planted. There were also plans for installing railing around it, but it is questionable whether this was accomplished.

The South Green is significant as the site of the third and present Congregational Church of Old Saybrook. Around it developed a prosperous residential neighborhood that is largely intact today.



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