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Rotary Park

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Rotary Park was created as part of the redevelopment that occurred after the flood of 1955, which devastated the downtown area. Before the flood, the area was residential, composed of about 50 historic millworks housing. Through a redevelopment plan authorized by the voters, the houses were removed and the park created. The entire cost of the park was borne by the local Rotary Club, which solicited funds from Rotary members worldwide. Major John Dempsey and many citizens, including Dr. Dinolt, emerged as leaders in the establishment of the park. According to Robert Miller, Putnam municipal historian, "The park is regarded as a symbol of a great change that took place in the outlook of our citizens, concerning a brighter future for their beloved Putnam." Since Putnam, a no-frills mill town, has historically not had a green, Rotary Park has adopted to serve in this capacity. Today it is generally regarded as the town green.

Rotary Park is significant as a symbol of the resurrection of Putnam after the 1955 flood.



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