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Little Plain Park

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Little Plain Park was purchased by Hezekiah Perkins and Deacon Jabez Huntington in 1811 and deeded to the city on the condition that it only be used as a park. The Hezekiah Perkins House, built in 1740 and altered in 1775-1800, is the oldest building facing the park. Two others to the north of it on Union Street predate its creation. All the other buildings around the were park constructed in the 19th century after the park was in place.

The impetus for the purchase was in part the creation of its sister park to the north, Chelsea Parade, purchased 14 years earlier and donated to the city as a "Public Parade." The fact that Huntington owned a house on the street could not have helped but influence the charitable act. Postcard photographs taken around the turn of the century show the fenced park lined by mature elm trees. It appears very much the same today except the trees are primarily maple.

Little Plain Park is the focal point of a fine residential neighborhood developed during the first half of the 19th century by merchants and the ship owners that were responsible for the town's substantial growth during the period. Its integrity is intact with the exception of one 20th century, flat-roofed apartment building along Union Street.



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