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North Canaan Memorial Green

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This triangular piece of land occupies ground created by the split of North Canaan's oldest road, Under Mountain Road, originally known as "the Lower road" to the east and west. The road runs along the Blackberry River and was used to transport iron ore from the Salisbury mines to the forges and furnaces of East Canaan. The iron industry flourished near this site until the early 1920s. The triangle itself was probably created with the construction in 1799 of the Greenwoods Turnpike between Hartford and Albany, the heavily traveled forerunner of modern Route 44. The East Canaan meetinghouse was built just to the south and diagonally across Under Mountain Road in 1823. The triangle of land was unoccupied, however, until it began to evolve into a green in 1919, at the close of the First World War, with its dedication as a memorial park. The fieldstone Soldier's Monument was completed that year and in 1928 the old church bell was placed atop it. The three marble plaques were set on the memorial's sides in September 1929. They originally had gold-leaf lettering by George Hall of Ashley Falls, Massachusetts, which has now worn off completely.

The significance of this well-maintained green is primarily as a commemorative park for the town of North Canaan, and also visual, as an important landmark in a very open rural area.



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