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Northford Green

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The first meetinghouse in Northford was constructed c. 1750 a little south of the present church, probably in the intersection or where the green is presently located. When the second church was built in 1846, it was constructed on the site of the present church built in 1907 after the second one was destroyed by fire. So although the green as we know it today was created when the Middletown Turnpike was laid out in 1813, the general area was used as a public meeting place before then.

In 1813 the diagonal road from New Haven to Middletown cut across Old Post Road, and Clintonville (or Centerville) Road was extended to meet it, creating a triangular space. Damages were paid to five adjacent property owners, including the Rev. Matthew Noyes who was minister at the time of the Northford Congregational Church. The green is essentially the same size as it was when created in 1813 although in 1927 the state obtained approximately .38 acres to widen the Middletown Turnpike.

The Northford Green is the site of the first meetinghouse and has been the center of the crossroads community since it was established in the mid-18th century. The historic integrity of the center is being challenged by new commercial development across from the green along Middletown Avenue.



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