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Federal Hill Green

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Bristol was set off from the town of Farmington as a separate parish in 1742. According to a bicentennial history on Bristol, the site of the meetinghouse was decided upon by determining the center of the newly-created five-mile-square parish, and then moving a short distance from that spot to take advantage of the higher ground provided by Federal Hill.

The present Congregational Church, the third, stands on the same site today. The common also served as pasture and a training ground for local militia. When city government functions moved south of Federal Hill along with the town's commercial district in the 19th-century industrial development of Bristol, Federal Hill remained an important residential and religious district and the Federal Hill Green remained the site of the city's celebrations and civic events. Even a small ball diamond on the green has historical significance as the first ball games were played on the green as early as the 1870s.

The town's first schools were also located on the green. A former school building built in 1915 at the corner of Maple and Queen Streets has been converted to multi-family housing. St. Joseph's operates a Catholic school at the corner of Queen and Center Streets today.

(Events associated with the Federal Hill Green are ell documented in a book published by the Bristol Public Library in the previously mentioned bicentennial history and National Register inventory form gives further detail on the general historical significance of the Federal Hill Green and surrounding historic district.)

The Federal Hill Green is the site of the first meetinghouse and dates to the establishment of Bristol as a separate parish in 1742. The historical integrity of the green is intact as a representation of the original civic center of the town and of its 19th and 20th century use as a common recreational area and location for town celebrations.



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